Sunday, February 01, 2004

The play's over. I enjoyed working on it a lot. Now I feel post-mortem depression.

But the cycle starts all over again. This week, Spencer Griffin and I will begin rehearsing "Yellow Marrow" (with Lucas Salazar and Jarret Morland), a play in the University's 10-Minute Play Festival.

Also, this week, I will begin casting (and creating the shooting schedule) for my Honors Thesis video tentatively titled "Carl." Mike Cassady - who will be in town during the shoot - is the lead. I also got a cinematographer (Dave Fishel) and a set designer (Meredith Thomas) helping me out. A location is almost secured. Rehearsals, storyboards, and another draft of the script are in the works. Shooting begins on February 18th.

"Pre-production time" is running out.


Once "Yellow Marrow" goes on and "Carl" is all shot, I will have the opportunity to get back to "David Mows Yards." I've got about 25% left to edit. I need to get this done before I graduate.

On a sidenote: After I left the "Bubblegum Brigade" cast party, I watched "Superman" with Jake and Adam. I hadn't seen the movie since I was 6, but there were so many images and sounds that were iconic to me (the clicking of Ned Beaty's heels on a subway train track being the most notable).

One very notable scene (and its adjoining memory) was when Eve Teschmacher kisses Superman in Lex Luther's private pool. That's my earliest memory of... you know... being... aroused. I watched the scene again - 16 years later - and expected fireworks. But it was under-whelming. The kiss was really short and un-passionate.

I've grown jaded in my old age.

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Lucas said...

You didn't even talk about what you thought about the play.
And you cut my scene in Wet Cotton Carl. Is it 'cause I was late to my only day of shooting?