Saturday, February 28, 2004

(w/ free ice cream)
Wednesday, March 3rd
Currier MPR

featuring the rock-n-roll talents of:
My Business Failed in Three Weeks
Coach Mahler and The Athletes
King Toad

(free admission w/ 1 can of food, linen, toothbrush, toothpaste, or anything new for the Shelter House)

This show should be fun. King Toad and Coach Mahler are two terriffic acts.

And I'm playing a couple Yakamishiis songs with Jamal during his "King Toad" set. And My Business Failed in Three Weeks will be playing TWO BRAND NEW SONGS entitled "Three Wolves" and "Let's Make This the Best Century Ever." One song's about wolves, the other's about hope and optimism.

This is an ideal show for anyone who likes us, but doesn't like the smoke-and-piss-smell of a bar (or are too young to get in). Plus, you're helping the "less-fortunateys."

Hope to see you there.

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Tonight, I went to a mentalist at the IMU Wheelroom. Mentalists are called mentalists because they can read minds and bend spoons.

Fortunately for me, I got to be a volunteer onstage. The mentalist asked me to hold a glass Coke bottle between my thumb and index finger. Underneath it, there was a trash-can. The mentalist got down on one knee and using his mind, he blew out the bottom of the Coke bottle. It was very cool.

I got to keep the Coke bottle as a souvenir.

The weird part was... although this man had the brain power to guess every digit in some stranger's phone number or turn on a lightbulb just by imagining it, he kept having weird memory lapses. Like he'd forget where people were sitting in the audience or he'd repeat the same full paragraph of lines twice.

A mentalist losing his mental capacities.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

SIDENOTE: A few minutes after writing this blog, I reached into my coat pocket to get something and I sliced my finger on the Coke bottle. I'm bleeding right now. iiiiii Those i's were from me wiping the blood off my "i" key.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

This morning, the first episode of "Saved by the Bell" was on TBS. The station didn't announce that it was the first episode (obviously), but you could tell because everybody was acting like they had just met each other. Zack says, "Well, if it isn't Mr. Belding, my high school principal!" And Mr. Belding says, "Staying out of trouble, Morris?" You get the idea. Plus, Slater was introduced as the "new kid." You can't get any more "first episode" than that, people!

Regardless of these obvious clues, its "first episode" status was painfully clear from the very first shot. It opens with the school hallway and... wouldn't you know? It's completely filled with students. All these kids are running around and teachers are in the background talking and all this craziness. There's so much effin' activity! And it was so, so, so obvious that the producers were trying very hard to make this seem like "a California high school." For Peter Engel's sakes, a kid went by on a skateboard. A skateboard!

Anyway, as any "Saved by the Bell" fan knows, this trend died out quickly. By the fourth season, the only people in the hallway were the principal characters. If that. Sometimes it was just Zack and a card-board cut-out of Screech holding a hoagie.

And seeing this first episode was all very sad, of course, because it reminded me of...

First-year teachers. And how initially, they're so excited to be "great educators" who "shape young minds" and "change the world" that they assign challenging work using alternative methods they just learned in college. And how they're devoted to their profession. And their eyes fill up with enthusiasm and promise when they HAND OUT THEIR SYLLABUS to a group of fourth graders.


By the end of the year, they're exhausted and beaten and just give out busy work they don't ever intend to grade.

Before, their heart was a corridor filled with skateboarding students, but now... it is but an empty tunnel holding a cardboard Screech in its center.


Do you what's not depressing though? I'm going to Panama City, Florida for Spring Break! White sand beaches and electric-blue waters for me! I am a college student going to Florida for Spring Break. This is amazing.


My vote for tonight's "American Idol?"


When she sang the end of "All By Myself?" Damn right, my eyes glazed over with tears of joy.

Monday, February 23, 2004

I watched "The Apartment" again tonight. Lovely, lovely, lovely. (This is similar to my "gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous" assesment of "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?")

While I was watching the movie, I realized how much I appreciate films where "high-concept scenarios" grow out of everyday human behavior and in effect, generate honest insight into people. For instance, if you described "The Apartment" and said "it's about a guy who lends out his apartment to his bosses for them to have affairs in," that'd sound pretty high-concepty. To me anyway. Maybe not "Die-Hard-on-a-spaceship" high concept-like, but still.

But when you discover that the whole scenario simply comes from a guy's desire to "move up in the ranks and be respected," then it makes a little more sense. And when it leads to the final conclusion that a guy learns to have integrity and girl allows herself to be treated better... then the high-concept becomes a regular, perfect, everyday occurence. And that's great.

Same with "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?" It's a bizarre scenario - a dance marathon where people dance to exhaustion for 5 weeks - but it comes out of people wanting to have purpose and be famous and... get fed and not be hungry anymore. And by the end, this scenario that sounded so ludicrous beforehand suddenly seems downright ordinary.

My favorite part in movies (which rarely happens) is when you realize that somebody is doing something completely out-of-the-ordinary, but it makes perfect sense when you see how it got there by playing by its own rules and logic. It simply went where it was supposed to go.

But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe all movies do this. After all, dreck like "The Wedding Planner" takes a high-concept and makes it human, right? I don't know.

As for my own movie, I completed shooting "Wet Cotton" this morning after a continuous 14-hour shooting session. It was rough, but I was able to stay energized the whole way through. Cuz making movies is fun.

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Because of shooting on Friday, I had to miss No Shame.

A moment ago, I woke up from an extended, horrible dream where I alternately:

a. Was late for No Shame
b. Came without a written script
c. Came with only a copy for myself and not my actors
d. Bombed horribly

This is the No Shame dream equivalent of coming to school naked or missing a final exam.

As you can probably guess - with your pop-psych grasp on human behavior, No Shame means a lot to me. This is the first No Shame I've missed all year (and the first No Shame I've missed where I've been in Iowa City at the same time a No Shame is going on - since I began it four years ago) and it's thrown me for a loop. I don't write about it very much in my blog (mainly because I figure the people who read it are No Shame-related folks and I don't want to talk about aspects they already know about me), but regardless, No Shame is a major part of my life.

Of course, I'm a little scared about what's gonna' happen when I have to leave it in May. I know I'll miss it. And I'll have to adjust.

And yeah... you'd be right to say that this has something to do with me losing attention. It's true. I like attention and No Shame gives me it. But it's a lot, lot, lot more than that. Corny or not, I believe in No Shame as an institution. I think it's the best forum in Iowa City for young writers and performers. The artists it's helped to guide and improve and eventually churn out into the world is staggering. Furthermore, it's a forum for people to communicate and exchange ideas... for audiences to witness new and exciting art (in a world that is increasingly losing it). So it's this - above all other reasons of histrionics - why I like No Shame.

Obviously, I'm sure there's some writers and performers at No Shame who see it merely as a "stepping stone" and as an opportunity for 100 strangers to adore you. And while that's all well and good (and I certainly wouldn't be self-righteous enough to come down on those people), I regard No Shame as something... er... really beautiful. Important. Vital. Life-changing.

I like No Shame. I believe in No Shame.

And I'm going to miss it when I go.

I just hope that my next six months after I graduate aren't littered with No Shame nightmares like last night's.

Saturday, February 21, 2004

Third day of shooting for Honors Thesis video "Wet Cotton" is complete.

Fourth day starts in a few minutes.

All in all, it's been a pretty smooth schedule. Sure, the hours are tough (last night, for example, we shot until 4:30am), but we've been moving ahead steadily.

Most of this is the result of two magnificent work-horses: Dave Fishel and Mike Cassady.

Can Dave Fishel work under hot lights and tote heavy equipment while obeying the ever-changing whims and constant perfectionism of Paul "Let's spend a half hour trying to remove a lense flare" Rust? Yes. Dave Fishel can.

Can Mike Cassady show up for shooting after massive days of 10-hour rehearsals (for his upcoming one-man show "Catalpa") and still be completely energized and focused for his scenes? Yes. Mike Cassady can. Oh... and did I mention that he's in every frame of the entire movie? Work-horse!

Me? I just sit off to the side and gaze at a monitor, scratching my ass through the hole in my jeans.

Tonight, in addition to brief transitory shots, we got two complicated scenes to shoot:

1) A scene with Mike and a child. Children are fun to work with, but as can be expected, they are difficult to keep consistent in their performance. To complicate things, the scene will be shot in one long, extended take. Cry about it, Shirley Temple.

2) A long, uninterrupted take with multiple dolley moves, makeup effects, and "highly emotive" performances.

But we can do it. This will be my "Pure Luck."

Thursday, February 19, 2004

All my recent projects are one big sausage party!

Take a look at the evidence:

1. My recent ten-minute play "Yellow Marrow" featured two troubled, adolescent males. Goth eye make-up and comic books were the milieu. Words like "shitters" abounded.

2. My current Honors Thesis project takes place in a men's bathroom - with a cast of 12 males of varying ages. No ladies present in this motion picture!

3. And finally, my recent play "Bubblegum Brigade" literally took place in a boy's club.

Needless to say, this year's projects have been very boy-centric. Others have taken notice. I recently received an email from someone who said that I "really get at the heart of what it is to be a disillusioned man in our time." That's a nice thing to say. Having your work taken seriously is fun!

Perhaps this is the pendulum swinging back. After all, this summer, I shot a movie where it was just me and a bunch of women. But even that was heavily focused on what's expected (un-necessarily, perhaps) of young men.

However, I think that ol' pendulum will be swinging back towards Lady Country soon enough. I really want to write something for two women. Right now, I got a play in mind about two sisters.

Cuz you know... sisters are cool. I got two of them myself. And the "sister dynamic" is one of the most interesting in family structures if you ask me.

Did you ask me?

Maybe you did. Maybe you diiiiiid.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

I got out of my 2-and-a-half-hour class two hours early today.

Plus, the sun is shining and I can breathe air like it's Spring.

Best of all... I start shooting my Honors Thesis video tonite.

I want to do my laundry and cut my hair short.

Fresh beginnings and all that.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

My vote for tonight's "American Idol?"

Camille, of course!

She's the hottest and has the most distinctive voice. These are the qualities of your American Idol.

Yesterday, I bought some paper towels. They feature everyone's favorite Hallmark spokes-granny... Maxine! You know her. She's that old lady who spouts cranky quips. Such quips as:

1. "Thought about cleaning the house. But then I thought, what's the house done for me lately?"

2. "Life is like the lottery. Both are games of chance and both involve a lot of scratching."

3. "A woman's home is her hassle."

4. "A good mom lets you lick the beaters. A great mom turns the mixer off."

5. "If I had all the money I've spent on the lottery, it would be like winning the lottery."

Maxine's a compulsive gambler! Yaaaay!

I want their to be a live-action movie based on Maxine. Who would portray her? My pick would be...

Miss Halle Berry!

Last night, I watched "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?" on DVD. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

The producers of "They Shoots Horses..." are asking me if they can print my blurb "Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous" for their film's ad in USA Weekend. My response?

Of course, kind sirs!

Sunday, February 15, 2004

Earlier this evening, I had bad stomach cramps. Gas, probably. I likes my hamburgers, but sometimes they can do bad things to a man (that man being me).

So I was in That's Rentertainment. And my guts were churning and twisting and kicking. I go up to Ellen in the foreign film section and much to everyone's misfortune, the pains escape from my stomach and out of my butt (a'la a fart) and I warn her to steer clear. She does.

Fortunately, with this, the pain goes away.

It was at this point that I realized the best feeling in the world is the moment after an intense pain leaves. You can be doubled over in a fetal position on the floor, but once the hurt goes away, it's like a new lease on life. You've never felt better.

With this logic, the worse you feel pain... the better you'll feel when it's gone.


I'm gonna' get an illness. A horrible, painful illness. So in those rare moments when it recides, I'll feel more magnificient than ever before.

Or I could just learn to appreciate good things when I have them. And not just when they go away.

That's always an option.

ON A SIDENOTE: Where have all the promising female No Shame writers of last semester gone? It's been three weeks this semester and there's been no sign of Anne, Candie, Sadie, or Erin. I'm selfish and I want to see their good work. What gives?

Saturday, February 14, 2004

What's that? More egg on my face?

Damn, sir, you bet.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Every Spring since college began, I have to go to a mall (I forget the name - it's deserted and weird and has all wooden interior inside) for reasons I won't go into.

For two years in a row, each trip has brought on a MAJOR INSIGHT:

Trip #1: Marveling at the grotesqueness of others' have-and-have-nots is just as - if not more - grotesque. And it cannot be disguised in "compassion" or "empathy."

Trip #2: The beauty of spontaneity cannot be forced or manipulated. If it is, it becomes cheap and ugly.

This afternoon, I went to the mall and nothing happened. No new insights.

Some new perspectives on my future, but nothing earth-shattering.

I don't know. Maybe it'll occur to me later.

I got a play in the 10-Minute Play Festival.

Thursday, February 12th - Saturday, February 14th - 8pm
Sunday, February 15th - 3pm
Theatre B

It's a short play called "Yellow Marrow." It stars Lucas Salazar and Jaret Morlan as two outcast teens (one's a nerd-burger, the other's a Goth-y, non-respectively). It's directed by Spencer Griffin.

I like it. Maybe you'll like it, too?

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Who gets my vote for tonight's "American Idol?"

Fantasia, of course!

She'll be in the top 5. I've already predicted it. Top 5.

You watch.

Top 5.

One half-hour to kill before having to reserve equipment for "Wet Cotton" (new title!)... what will I do with myself? I know! I'll take a survey I stole from Sadie's web-blog.

A is for - Age: 22 (goin' on 66, y'all!)

B is for - Boyfriend/Girlfriend: No girlfriends for me. But a girlfriend for you? Surely!

C is for - Career in future: Makin' a series of karate/snuff films

D is for - Dad's name: Bob (see also: Robert/see also: "Rusty")

E is for - Essential item to bring to a party: I don't know what to bring, but I know what not to bring... your inhibitions! Check 'em at the door, pal!

F is for - Favorite song at the moment: "The Concept" by Teenage Fanclub. According to this song, a girl wears denim wherever she goes. And she's gonna' get some records by the status quo. The solo's so great, it makes you hate Teenage Fanclub!

G is for - Guys/Girls you've kissed: Geeze, survey! You sure are nosey! I mean, that's okay if that's who you are. I respect that. But I'm not really comfortable sharing such infor--- I've kissed 11 girls within the last 5 years!

H is for - Hometown: LeMars, Iowa! Ice Cream Yummy of the Tummy!

I is for - Instruments you play: Bass. The "vox." Some guitar. A little keys. And a whole lotta' love.

J is for - Job title: Resident Advisorrrrrr (writer's note: putting extra r's constitutes as a joke)

K is for - Kids: Are nicer/meaner than you.

L is for - Living arrangement: Alone. And in charge!

M is for - Mom's name: Jeanne (see also: Robert/see also: Rusty)

N is for - Number of people you've slept with: How many people are in Menudo?

O is for - Overnight hospital stays: NUN! (fingers crossed, knock on wood, bludgeon a mermaid)

P is for - Phobia[s]: Fear of failure (a.k.a. YOU-a-phobia)

Q is for - Quote you like: "The unexamined life is not worth living." EAT IT!

R is for - Relationship that lasted the longest: 2 years! But my relationship with McDonald's apple pies has been a long-standing love affair!

S is for - Sexual position: I like that this survey doesn't necessarily ask for your favorite or preferred sexual position. It just says "sexual position." Maybe it just wants me to ruminate on them in general. (pause) Who's skirting the issue? ME!

T is for - Time you wake up: Before you even think about it! (this is a quote from Steve Heuertz - maybe this should be my "quote you like")

U is for - Unique trait(s): Not throwing up since Spring of 1998. Johnny Muller stood beside me at the race-track.

V is for - Vegetable you love: SO MANY CHOICES!!!! Peas. Corn. Steamed carrots. They taste good and they make you poop like a machine.

W is for - Worst habit: Falling in love with you! But you know what? It's a habit I'd never want to break. Seriously.

X is for - X-rays you've had: It's July 3rd, 1989. Paul just broke his collarbone. Can't swim for the rest of the summer. Fortunately, "Batman" and "Ghost Busters 2" eases the pain.

Y is for - Yummy food you make: A plot of nay-chos

Z is for - Zuchinni for breakfast?: Shut up.

That was fun. Now it's off to the races! I put 75 dollars on White Oleander!

Sidenote: My friend Rick has been accepted into Stanford Law. Congratulations, Ricky!

Monday, February 09, 2004

My one class on Monday was cancelled, so I used the day to my advantage (i.e. "relaxin' all cool!"). I set my alarm for 11:30am, so I could wake up and experience the pleasure of watching "Saved by the Bell" in bed. It's like having a tray of bacon, eggs, and orange juice brought to you when you awaken! Excpet in this case, Zack and Screech are bringing it to you. And they wear tiny aprons and over-sized over mitts.

Today's episode was the one where oil-drilling on the Bayside campus results in environmental mayhem (Becky the duck is killed!). It's a good episode (from my favorite epoch of the series), but I was tired and I drifted back to sleep.

I decided to not re-set my alarm. I was exhausted and I would get up on my own as I damn well pleased. Uh-huh.

Eventually, I woke back up at 12:30pm and... you know what? I was completely refreshed! And it wasn't just because I got that extra hour of sleep. I seriously think it was because I decided when I'd get up, not some alarm clock out of my control. Basically... if I feel like it's my decision, I feel good. If I feel like I'm being bossed around, I feel bad.

This is basically the equivalent of... you know... everything in life.

And with that, it now seems approriate to present to you:

My Top 10 Power-Pop Songs of All-Time:
1. "September Gurls" by Big Star
2. "I Saw Her Standing There" by The Beatles
3. "The Concept" by Teenage Fanclub
4. "Why Bother" by Weezer
5. "Surrender" by Cheap Trick
6. "NA Kicker" by Superdrag
7. "Sink to the Bottom" by Fountains of Wayne
8. "My Sharona" by The Knack
9. "Birthday Girl" by Imperial Teen
10. "Do It Again" by Matthew Sweet

If you download these songs and listen to them, don't do it in this order. This is an order of preference, not a mix-tape order. The mix-tape order would be:

1. "I Saw Her Standing There" by The Beatles
2. "Sink to the Bottom" by Fountains of Wayne
3. "Birthday Girl" by Imperial Teen
4. "Why Bother" by Weezer
5. "September Gurls" by Big Star
6. "NA Kicker" by Superdrag
7. "Surrender" by Cheap Trick
8. "The Concept" by Teenage Fanclub
9. "Do It Again" by Matthew Sweet
10. "My Sharona" by The Knack

You must end mix-tapes with firecrackers. Not sleep-overs.

Sunday, February 08, 2004

This afternoon, I go to Wendy's with DJ and Jake, right? And there's a woman working behind the counter. And she's detached and rude and all that. Like she asks me if I want to "Biggie Size" my meal, but she says it really slurry and doesn't look at me. She obviously doesn't care about my patronage. Same thing happens when she asks me if I want cheese on my burger. So I look to Jake like, "Get a load of this lady. How rude is this, huh?"

Eventually though, I get over it. I think about how I'd probably be rude and mean, too, if I had to work at Wendy's and serve people who just come in and need and want and need, need, need. The world of labor sucks and she's feeling the brunt end of it. So yeah. Be rude, lady. More power to you.

But still, show some politeness for gosh sakes.

Cut to five hours later...

I'm standing at the register at Wal-Mart, buying a UV light and an extension cord for "Wet Cotton Penny" (what an awful title) and this lady who is working starts freaking me out... because whenever she asks me a question, she makes complete eye contact with me. And she asks them really earnestly.

"Did you find everything alright?" the lady asks - her eyes burning with unchecked intensity.


"Do you have any questions?" (her eyes NEVER LEAVING my own)


And when she hands me my change, she just keeps staring at me while making more and more insanely genuine comments. And I'm thinking, "Jesus, lady. Calm down. This is exchanging money at Wal-Mart, not... you know, donating bone marrow at the Mayo clinic."


Moral of the story: If you serve me, show me some compassion.


Moral of the story: If you serve me, show me no compassion.

These are my rules!

Saturday, February 07, 2004

I just printed off copies of my Honors Thesis script - now tentatively titled "Wet Cotton Penny."

Do you like that title? Does it suck?

I just realized a moment ago that it sounds like "Wet Cotton Panties."

That isn't the type of movie I want to make.

I have a read-through with all the actors today at 5.

Then rehearsals. Then shooting.

I'm excited.

Some girl beside me at the ITC just shot me a dirty look. Was I breathing hard? Whatever, lady. Whatever.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Over Christmas break, I got a decal from a sticker machine in the foyer of Pamida. Right now, it's duct-taped to the bulletin board in my dorm room.

So, do me a favor: Think of your favorite decal ever.

Yeah. It sucks. Hard. It sucks hard.

At least, it sucks hard compared to this decal.

This decal is colorful. And shiney. And over-sized.

And oh... did I mention this decal is made to resemble a California driver's license?

But this ain't your regular California driver's license, mom and dad! It's got an illustration of a beach and rollerbladers and palm trees and a sun. And like all driver's licenses, it also features a picture of its owner. Apparently, her name is Kailey Jones. She's got blue eyes, blonde hair, and skin like Ivory soap. These are her stats (according to the decal/driver's license):


HAIR: Blonde
EYES: Blue
(there's no mention of her skin being like Ivory soap)
HT: 5'5''
WT: 125

That's right! Guess! Guess when she was born, you sonuvabitch!

Why is this decal duct-taped to my bulletin board? Because I don't have the guts to tear off the back and stick it somewhere. I'm too worried I'll put it on something and change my mind. You only get decals like this once in your life.

And yes, I tried to stick it into the "driver's license section" of my wallet, but it didn't fit. It was just too big. That's how grand it is.

But this is a promise: I will get it officially recognized as my driver's license when I move to California this August.

That you can count on!

Kailey Jones

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Have you heard about the upcoming "Lion King 1-and-a-Half?" It takes the events of the original "Lion King," but re-runs them through the characters of Timon and Pumba. So, essentially, this movie focuses on what was going in the background of the original, but you never saw. Therefore, in this "1-and-a-half," the original movie's events are now put "in the background." You get it?

I can't tell you how unbelievably intriguing this is to me.

Since I began watching movies as a fetus, I've always been fascinated by "background action" and the possibility that a story exists underneath the surface of what you're watching. The ghost in "Three Men and a Baby?" I'm talking to you!

The only other movie I know to scratch this surface was "Back to the Future Part 2" in the 1955 sequence - and I still don't think it gets credit for breaking this barrier.

Has any other movie done this? If you know, inform me in my guestbook. I'd be much obliged.

Granted, this new "Lion King" movie probably won't explore all the possibilities, but I hope another movie/sequel comes along and does so. I'd be the first to watch it when it was aired on the "NBC Sunday Night Movie." I'd talk about it the next day with all my friends on the playground.

Monday, February 02, 2004

It's my top 18 favorite movies. Why did I do this now? I don't know. Felt like it. Some major changes (i.e. a new "#1 movie" for the first time in over a decade!).

1. ET - The Extra Terrestrial
2. Magnolia
3. Waiting for Guffman
4. Edward Scissorhands
5. Sleepaway Camp
6. Election
7. It's a Wonderful Life
8. Pee-Wee's Big Adventure
9. Blow Out
10. The Ice Storm
11. Who Framed Roger Rabbit
12. The King of Comedy
13. Fargo
14. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
15. The Apartment
16. Shampoo
17. American Movie
18. Splatter Farm

It's 3:30 am and I'm supposed to be reading a play. I tried to convince myself that reading it would be enjoyable. The line of thinking went like this:

"Hey, reading a play is sort of like going to a play!"
"Hey, going to a play is sort of like going to a movie!"
"Hey, reading this play will be like going to the movies!"
"Hey, I'm going to the movies!"

I don't know why I have to convince myself. I usually enjoy reading. I'm just not motivated, I suppose. I want to hang out with friends and watch TV.

Sunday, February 01, 2004

The play's over. I enjoyed working on it a lot. Now I feel post-mortem depression.

But the cycle starts all over again. This week, Spencer Griffin and I will begin rehearsing "Yellow Marrow" (with Lucas Salazar and Jarret Morland), a play in the University's 10-Minute Play Festival.

Also, this week, I will begin casting (and creating the shooting schedule) for my Honors Thesis video tentatively titled "Carl." Mike Cassady - who will be in town during the shoot - is the lead. I also got a cinematographer (Dave Fishel) and a set designer (Meredith Thomas) helping me out. A location is almost secured. Rehearsals, storyboards, and another draft of the script are in the works. Shooting begins on February 18th.

"Pre-production time" is running out.


Once "Yellow Marrow" goes on and "Carl" is all shot, I will have the opportunity to get back to "David Mows Yards." I've got about 25% left to edit. I need to get this done before I graduate.

On a sidenote: After I left the "Bubblegum Brigade" cast party, I watched "Superman" with Jake and Adam. I hadn't seen the movie since I was 6, but there were so many images and sounds that were iconic to me (the clicking of Ned Beaty's heels on a subway train track being the most notable).

One very notable scene (and its adjoining memory) was when Eve Teschmacher kisses Superman in Lex Luther's private pool. That's my earliest memory of... you know... being... aroused. I watched the scene again - 16 years later - and expected fireworks. But it was under-whelming. The kiss was really short and un-passionate.

I've grown jaded in my old age.