Monday, February 09, 2004

My one class on Monday was cancelled, so I used the day to my advantage (i.e. "relaxin' all cool!"). I set my alarm for 11:30am, so I could wake up and experience the pleasure of watching "Saved by the Bell" in bed. It's like having a tray of bacon, eggs, and orange juice brought to you when you awaken! Excpet in this case, Zack and Screech are bringing it to you. And they wear tiny aprons and over-sized over mitts.

Today's episode was the one where oil-drilling on the Bayside campus results in environmental mayhem (Becky the duck is killed!). It's a good episode (from my favorite epoch of the series), but I was tired and I drifted back to sleep.

I decided to not re-set my alarm. I was exhausted and I would get up on my own as I damn well pleased. Uh-huh.

Eventually, I woke back up at 12:30pm and... you know what? I was completely refreshed! And it wasn't just because I got that extra hour of sleep. I seriously think it was because I decided when I'd get up, not some alarm clock out of my control. Basically... if I feel like it's my decision, I feel good. If I feel like I'm being bossed around, I feel bad.

This is basically the equivalent of... you know... everything in life.

And with that, it now seems approriate to present to you:

My Top 10 Power-Pop Songs of All-Time:
1. "September Gurls" by Big Star
2. "I Saw Her Standing There" by The Beatles
3. "The Concept" by Teenage Fanclub
4. "Why Bother" by Weezer
5. "Surrender" by Cheap Trick
6. "NA Kicker" by Superdrag
7. "Sink to the Bottom" by Fountains of Wayne
8. "My Sharona" by The Knack
9. "Birthday Girl" by Imperial Teen
10. "Do It Again" by Matthew Sweet

If you download these songs and listen to them, don't do it in this order. This is an order of preference, not a mix-tape order. The mix-tape order would be:

1. "I Saw Her Standing There" by The Beatles
2. "Sink to the Bottom" by Fountains of Wayne
3. "Birthday Girl" by Imperial Teen
4. "Why Bother" by Weezer
5. "September Gurls" by Big Star
6. "NA Kicker" by Superdrag
7. "Surrender" by Cheap Trick
8. "The Concept" by Teenage Fanclub
9. "Do It Again" by Matthew Sweet
10. "My Sharona" by The Knack

You must end mix-tapes with firecrackers. Not sleep-overs.

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