Thursday, February 19, 2004

All my recent projects are one big sausage party!

Take a look at the evidence:

1. My recent ten-minute play "Yellow Marrow" featured two troubled, adolescent males. Goth eye make-up and comic books were the milieu. Words like "shitters" abounded.

2. My current Honors Thesis project takes place in a men's bathroom - with a cast of 12 males of varying ages. No ladies present in this motion picture!

3. And finally, my recent play "Bubblegum Brigade" literally took place in a boy's club.

Needless to say, this year's projects have been very boy-centric. Others have taken notice. I recently received an email from someone who said that I "really get at the heart of what it is to be a disillusioned man in our time." That's a nice thing to say. Having your work taken seriously is fun!

Perhaps this is the pendulum swinging back. After all, this summer, I shot a movie where it was just me and a bunch of women. But even that was heavily focused on what's expected (un-necessarily, perhaps) of young men.

However, I think that ol' pendulum will be swinging back towards Lady Country soon enough. I really want to write something for two women. Right now, I got a play in mind about two sisters.

Cuz you know... sisters are cool. I got two of them myself. And the "sister dynamic" is one of the most interesting in family structures if you ask me.

Did you ask me?

Maybe you did. Maybe you diiiiiid.

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