Saturday, February 21, 2004

Third day of shooting for Honors Thesis video "Wet Cotton" is complete.

Fourth day starts in a few minutes.

All in all, it's been a pretty smooth schedule. Sure, the hours are tough (last night, for example, we shot until 4:30am), but we've been moving ahead steadily.

Most of this is the result of two magnificent work-horses: Dave Fishel and Mike Cassady.

Can Dave Fishel work under hot lights and tote heavy equipment while obeying the ever-changing whims and constant perfectionism of Paul "Let's spend a half hour trying to remove a lense flare" Rust? Yes. Dave Fishel can.

Can Mike Cassady show up for shooting after massive days of 10-hour rehearsals (for his upcoming one-man show "Catalpa") and still be completely energized and focused for his scenes? Yes. Mike Cassady can. Oh... and did I mention that he's in every frame of the entire movie? Work-horse!

Me? I just sit off to the side and gaze at a monitor, scratching my ass through the hole in my jeans.

Tonight, in addition to brief transitory shots, we got two complicated scenes to shoot:

1) A scene with Mike and a child. Children are fun to work with, but as can be expected, they are difficult to keep consistent in their performance. To complicate things, the scene will be shot in one long, extended take. Cry about it, Shirley Temple.

2) A long, uninterrupted take with multiple dolley moves, makeup effects, and "highly emotive" performances.

But we can do it. This will be my "Pure Luck."

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