Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Have you heard about the upcoming "Lion King 1-and-a-Half?" It takes the events of the original "Lion King," but re-runs them through the characters of Timon and Pumba. So, essentially, this movie focuses on what was going in the background of the original, but you never saw. Therefore, in this "1-and-a-half," the original movie's events are now put "in the background." You get it?

I can't tell you how unbelievably intriguing this is to me.

Since I began watching movies as a fetus, I've always been fascinated by "background action" and the possibility that a story exists underneath the surface of what you're watching. The ghost in "Three Men and a Baby?" I'm talking to you!

The only other movie I know to scratch this surface was "Back to the Future Part 2" in the 1955 sequence - and I still don't think it gets credit for breaking this barrier.

Has any other movie done this? If you know, inform me in my guestbook. I'd be much obliged.

Granted, this new "Lion King" movie probably won't explore all the possibilities, but I hope another movie/sequel comes along and does so. I'd be the first to watch it when it was aired on the "NBC Sunday Night Movie." I'd talk about it the next day with all my friends on the playground.

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