Friday, July 30, 2004

I'm sick.

I went to the doctor today and he determined it's a case of allergies. Ragweed, he said. Funny. Usually, it's Rag-time that gives me da' fever... in my feet!

And my heart, child. And my heart.

So, my nose is runny. My throat is cough-y. And my ears are plugged up.


Consequently, I don't feel like putting much time into writing a blog today. I just want to bitch-n-moan about my health.

Hmmmm. Nobody likes blog entries like this.

But don't worry... soon, I will be restored to full heel-clicking health and we can all sit back and laugh about the day Ol' Man Ragweed pulled a fast one on Pauly Dangerfield.

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Anda Sue said...

Hey, I couldn't help but notice ur past blogging about JJ's stealing Brewster's millions. Although I don't get it, i was kind of curious as to why that was a joke. By the way, This is Bruce's daughter, Amanda, I just googled brewsters and got sent to here.