Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Despite the presence of the Democratic National Convention and the more newsworthy 2004 Plymouth County Fair, I am still finding a way to get my fat mug on local media outlets.  Yesterday, I was interviewed on KCAU-ABC's Live at Five program and was featured in pieces on KMEG-CBS' 6 o'clock and 10 o'clock news programs. 

The occasion?

The upcoming screening of David Mows Yards at the LeMars Community Theatre on Saturday, August 7th (at 7:30pm and 9:30pm).

It should be mentioned that these TV appearances existed through the iron-horse publicity work of Frances Krull - who plays "Carol" in the aforementioned movie.    Not only did she secure those opportunities for publicity, but these as well:

1. Thursday, July 29th (12pm)
    Interview on news

2. Tuesday, August 3rd (11:30pm)
    Interview on "What Now" program
    KLEM Radio (1410 AM)

3. Saturday, August 7th (8:30am)
    Interview on "Around Siouxland"

I am also being interviewed for articles in "trade papers" such as The Daily Sentinel, Sioux City Journal, and The Weekender.   You subscribe to these all.

Of course, the whole point of doing these things is to find a way to be a subversive, little ass, right?  Yes.   Before yesterday's TV interview, my friend Rick and I were brainstorming things that I could do such as:

1.  Answer questions in short, violent sentences ("This is a movie.  I made it.  It's called David Mows Yards.  I was in it.  It's about lawnmowing.")

2.  Refer to the interviewer as if you know his own personal history.  ("Well, Larry, this movie takes place in my hometown LeMars, but it's like anybody's hometown - like yours in Storm Lake, Iowa.")  Note:  It's best if newscaster Larry Wentz never grew up in Storm Lake, Iowa.

3. Give false information.  ("David Mows Yards is about a boy mowing older women's yards - all set against the backdrop of the Waco, Texas tragedy.")

Clearly, I chickened out and did none of these. 

Ah, well.  There'll be other opportunities.  Just like in life! 

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