Tuesday, July 27, 2004

On returning from their trip to San Francisco, my mother Jeanne and her mother Joan (GRANDMA JOAN!!!) had an unexpected lay-over in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Consequently, they must spend the night in "Sinners' City." 

I cannot say what will happen to these two women, but clearly, their story will be optioned by the folks in Holly-weird and made into a movie.  These will be the possible titles:

1. Joan and Jeanne: Two J's Kickin' A (As in "Your Ass")
2. Betting Big, Driving Sensibly: The Joanie and Jean-Dog Neon-Soaked Dilemma
3. Black Jack Joan and Gin-Rummy Jeanne: How the West Was Fun
4. Vega$: Where All the S's Are $pelled With Dollar $ign$
5. That's Why We Can't Have Nice Things (But We're Going to Change That): How J&J Stole Brewster's Millions
6. The Banger Sisters 2
7. Mamma' Joan and Momma Jean: I Bet When Our Respective Grandson and Son Thinks About Us in Las Vegas, It Makes Him Feel Weird
8. Uh-huh, Uh-huh... Yeah, Uh-huh: This is How We Both Talk on the Phone
Have you talked to your mother on the phone lately?  Give her a call.  I bet she'd love to talk to you.


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