Wednesday, July 14, 2004

This Friday, my buddy Michele and I are going to Six Flags: Great America.

It's italicized because not only is it a theme park, but also, a big-budget movie.

It stars Kurt Russel and Thadie Newton as theme park security guards who have to stop a run-away rollercoaster - before it crashes into the sun.

Michele and I will be extras in the movie. We're going to stand outside the perimeter of scenes and look right into the camera. Then ol' Kurt and Thadie will say, "Stop the camera! Stop the camera! Can we do something about these two?!"

The director will nod yes...

And replace Kurt and Thadie with me and Michele.

Sweet justice, Russel and Newton! Sweet justice.

Speaking of Russel and Newton, I have to go. I'm adopting a Jack Russel Terrier dog and eating a big bag of Fig Newtons - at the same time!

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