Monday, July 05, 2004

Walking out of the bathroom at Super Walton-Supermarket, I saw a guy wearing a ratty, faded-black t-shirt. On the front was a logo for Mick's Menswear, a now-defunct men's clothing store in LeMars that specialized in "cool" clothes (i.e. Bugle Boy in the 1980's, Mossimo in the 1990's, and if it had stayed in business, Pizza Hut - Hydrated Style in 2004).

With this shirt, however, the regular Mick's Menswear logo had been modified to resemble the famed logo for hair-metal standouts Poison (specifically their landmark album "Open Up and Say Ahhhh"). Imagine hot pinks and fluorescent greens and "accidential" paint splattering.

Now, if you're confused by the exact time-frame for when this shirt was initially produced, look no further than the back, which read: "LeMars Community High School After-Prom Party 1989."

And I, of course, instantly felt bad for this guy - regarding him as someone who never lived past high school and still desperately wears his t-shirts of yore to reclaim days gone past. And yeah... this man could be completely happy with his life, but projection's the key here.

And as if that wasn't depressing enough, when I walked by him... he farted.

He looked around to see if anyone had noticed.

I acted like I hadn't.

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