Tuesday, July 13, 2004

This evening, my niece and Alexis went to the new movie Sleepover.

Did you ever wonder what Ferris Bueller would be like if he was a 14 year-old girl? Or perhaps - 4 separate 14 year-old girls? And did you ever wonder what it would be like if instead of sneaking out of his house for a "day-off," Ferris was actually participating in a scavenger hunt against a rival group of snobby girls? If so...

Then boy, do I got a movie for you!

The Bourne Supremacy comes out next week!

You could also see Sleepover if you wish.

My favorite line?

"Mom, for the love of carbs!"

You heard right. That's the line.

This will be my new expression... for everything. Exasperation. Fear. Love. You name it. "Mom, for the love of carbs" says it all.

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