Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Quiet! Do you hear that?

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles world is all a-buzz!

Another installment of TMNT is steadily in the works!

This morning, working at the Ameri-Host Hotel, I found what appears to be a top-secret, early draft of a new Ninja Turtles adventure!

But do not worry, dear readers. Wipe your foaming mouths. Here, I have faithfully re-written the treasure I discovered this morning. So grab them nunchucks and brace yourselves:

Ninja turtle got hit by mousers. Shredder shred some of the mousers. A school bus ran over a ninja shredder. Someone crashed into a ninjacon. Some of the ninja turtles caught one of the mousers.

Can you believe it?! Surely, this revelation will quiet all those TMNT fans on the Internet who proclaimed there would never be a "ninja turtle catching a mouser" plotline. And I'm so happy they're finally picking up on the "school bus ran over a ninja shredder" story that was so well-developed in the comics.

And to think, some hot Hollywood producer was staying in the LeMars Ameri-Host and left his important story notes behind!


His loss. Our gain.

And remember... you heard it here first on: Paul Rust and Leonard Maltin's Hollywood Scoops-and-Snoops.

Stay tuned, cinephiles!

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