Thursday, July 22, 2004

If your mother is a junior-high teacher, I highly suggest you go into a local video store with her.

That way, you are with her when she runs into students.

My promise: They will stare at you as if you're an exotic creature unknown to this earth. 

Indeed, have you forgotten how weird it was to run into teachers in public?  They wear jeans?!  Or more shockingly:  They wear sweatpants?!   

Have you also forgotten how weird it was to see them with their "older kids" - the ones they would occasionally mention in class and you dared to conceive in your mind's eye?  I hear she does drugs!  Or more shockingly:  I hear she wears sweatpants!
Yes, I am the "older kid."  I may or may not have done that thing you heard I did.  Your older sibling may or may not have "known me in high school."  This is why I'm intriguing.  To all of you.
Insider's tip:  Act like you don't notice your mother's students.  It makes you seem cooler and more dangerous.

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