Sunday, August 01, 2004

My buddy Adam read in a book once that John Lennon was paranoid about what Bob Dylan thought of him. He wanted to be cool in Dylan's eyes.

Aw, yes. God love geniuses who are insecure.

I'd like to think that Thomas Edison was always asking Albert Einstein's friends, "So... what's, like, Einstein say about me? Does he ever mention me?"

And they'd be like, "No. He doesn't talk about you."

Then Edison's head would drop a bit. He'd kick at the dirt.

"But... don't let that bother you," Einstein's friends would be quick to add. "He doesn't talk about anybody, really. He's a pretty quiet guy."

"Yeah, I can - I can see that," Edison would mutter, nodding his head. "But there's gotta' be... you know, something he said. Once. Right?"

"I guess... I think... I think he said the lightbulb was a pretty cool idea."

"Really? He said that? Einstein said that?"

"Yeah... maybe. I think so. Yeah. I think so."

Edison would beam - then he'd go and brag to his family members at the Edison Reunion that him and Einstein are "best friends."

Everyone would believe him except Edison's cousin Keith. He knows better.

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