Friday, August 13, 2004

Friday the 13th was today and although Jason Voorhies didn't punch off my head from the top of a Manhattan skyscraper, various other forms of bad luck abounded.

Cases. In. Point.

Twenty minutes into Collateral, a woman and her mother enter the theatre. My friends and I are chillin' in the front row and just as Tom "Silver Fox" Cruise is leaving for his first hit, the mother trips and falls right in front of us.
Her daughter runs to her help. Jake and Rick lean over to assist. Apparently, on her way down, the mother smacked her face onto Jake's kneecap. She's not getting up. And when she tries, she's in too much pain and falls over again.
Fortunately, she recovers. Her daughter gets her some ice for her eye. And although it is unknown exactly how she tripped (something about a railing?), all is well by Silver Fox's second hit.

Only one half-hour after Collateral, Rick and I are browsing in the mall. On our walk from The Gap to the Cafe Court, I look to my left and see an 8 year-old girl collapse backwards to the floor - thwacking the base of her head on the surface. There's a dull thud. Her party (a mother and other children) look on in shock.
Then things get really bad when the little girl begins to twitch. Her head shakes back and forth and her arms clench up like a T-Rex's. The most horrifying part? Hearing her mother scream in panic, "Hel - my daugh - help!" to the guy at Gadzook's. Rick goes over to help and dials "911" on his cell phone.
Soon enough, a crowd forms. Policemen and ambulance drivers appear. Everything's taken care of - as far as we can tell.

There really is no "3" - but one hour is left before Friday the 13th is done, so anything can happen. Perhaps you will fall down? Eh? Eh?

Somebody could argue, however, that one other nasty occurence was how on two occasions, people were in a state of emergency and I just watched while other people came to their rescue. Yeah, I know. I can tell myself that it's because I know it's been taken care of and I don't want to get in the way, but... still...

When I first watched "Friday the 13th Part 8," I did nothing for that guy who got his head punched off from the top of a Manhattan skyscraper.

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