Monday, August 30, 2004


Dear Mom and Dad (MaMa and PoPo),

First of all, I'm sorry I haven't written you in awhile. I guess Camp Los Angeles is so much fun that I forgot about letting you know how I'm doing. I''ll make sure to write more in the future. I promise. (Especially when we get internet services set up in our cabin tomorrow)

As for the the cabin, it's pretty cool. It took some time for us to find one (apparently the counselors at Camp Los Angeles don't provide you with one beforehand), but it's got new carpeting and a nice view.

Now that a living space is taken care of, it's time to look for work. That's a camp policy. To live on the grounds, you must earn a living. I hear there's a temp agency that provides work. Whatever. Pays the bills, y'know.

Well, I better get going. There's a killer on the loose and I'm getting very scared. What? I hear someone behind me. I hear their footsteps and ---


P.S. I caught a walleye and Billy Maguver split his pants at the campfire!

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