Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Hand in those applictions and shake those landlord's hands. You're lookin' for an apartment, brother.

Adam and I just got done doing such activities in hopes of securing our first apartment in Shiney-Time City, California. In the meantime, we've been staying at our friend Neil's - who is very gracious and caring in his hospitality.

Rumor has it (according to Access Hollywood) that we may know if we'll have our apartment... by the end of the day! With luck, our phone will ring as the sun sets slowly in the west. Or 9pm at the very least.

To ease your worries, I think we got a good shot. And do you know what potentially "sealed the deal?" The landlord's from Nebraska. Nebraska! Adam and I are from western Iowa! It's like we're practically brothers... brothers who visit each other on the holidays! And at funerals!

Have you called your relatives lately? Pick up that phone. I'm sure they miss you.

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