Thursday, August 05, 2004

Here's a "LeMars Daily Sentinel" article about me and my movie. It's not me at my most elequent, but... your father and I still love you all the same.

Plus, there's big rock news. Nearly-to-the-day of 8 years ago, in the August before my freshman year of high school, I bought a modest CD known as Doolittle from the BMG Music Club. After hearing the opening track of "Debaser" (a song I promptly concluded held a sound that "I wanted all my life and finally had made for me"), I fell in love with its makers, The Pixies.

For many years afterwards, after purchasing all their records and side-projects' records and sound-alike-bands' records (RIP Toadies, Local H), disenchanted friends and I would lament how "this is the band that will never reunite." Alas, we'd never see our favorite rock-n-rollers live in concert.

But now I'm proud to report that I will be proven quite wrong when I see them in concert on Thursday, September 23rd in Los Angeles, California.


Special acknowledgement: My buddy Neil took the task of purchasing the tickets, so props go to him. If you see him on the street, say, "Thanks, Neil. You made the guy-whose-blog-I-read very happy."

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