Thursday, October 23, 2003

Yesterday, I found out Elliot Smith was dead. That's too bad. I wasn't his #1 fan or anything like that, but I enjoyed his songs when I heard them. And obviously, in general, it's unfortunate when somebody dies.

He killed himself by sticking a knife into his chest. Goddamn. The strange thing is... for about a year now, I've been thinking how the most extreme/passionate/poetic way to kill yourself would be a knife in the chest.

By the way, loved ones should not worry. I'm not having "bad thoughts." It's just been in my mind since I saw "The Piano Teacher," which features such a thing.

Anyway, some friends and I were talking about how somebody would have to be awfully tormented to commit suicide in such a manner. And how Elliot Smith - who seemingly was a pretty tormented guy in his songs - chose something like that.

Then we talked about how if Conor Oberst (of Bright Eyes) committed suicide, he would never stick a knife in his chest. He'd probably take a bottle of Aspirin.

I like Conor Oberst's music and all, but... his "torment" can be a little phoney from time to time.

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