Tuesday, October 14, 2003

I've been lazy for the past day. I slept from 1pm to 8pm yesterday, then stayed up all last night watching movies with friends. Those movies? The shot-on-video Full Moon Pictures classic "Dead and Rotting" and the shot-on-film Miramax bomb "Jackie Brown."

I recently used sarcasm in the previous paragraph. Can you see where? If so, sign my guestbook and you will receive a free t-shirt.

I suppose I'm being lazy because the day before was all stressy-out with the paper I had to write (read Mon, October 13th) and I'm just recovering. Tomorrow is another big day. Class presentation and then a midterm in another class. You get stressed, then you recover. You get stressed again, then you recover again. Repeat for 87 years.

Tomorrow, for the class presentation, my friend Nate and I have to lead a discussion on a reading. I think we're going to write up a quiz and force our fellow classmates to take it. And then we're going to grade it and force the instructor to figure them into their final grades.

Classtime is playtime!

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