Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Have you heard Quasi? They are a band. A good band.

Actually, they are one of my favorite bands still making music today. Since... you know, Pixies and Big Star are dead. For now.

Anyhow, Quasi is playing in Iowa City at Gabe's on November 6th. I tried my hardest to get "My Business Failed in Three Weeks" to open for them, but it fell through. That's too bad. Still, I'll get to see them rock out.

I just bought their new record "Hot Shit." It's fantastic. My favorite song so far is this one called "No One." It's got this chord progression on a keyboard that's... well, it's like how you've wanted a chord progression on a keyboard to sound for a long time, but nobody ever has done it.

Until now.

And the lyrics are terrific. It starts off with Sam Coomes repeating, "No one will hurt you" and then, in the chorus, he sings, "I won't allow them to." So you - as a listener - think, "Okay, he's singing a love song. That's nice." But in the second verse, he repeats, "No one will help you" and finishes it off with, "I won't allow them to." A simple sentiment gone dark. It's great.

If you're looking to download a Quasi song to get a taste, I suggest "It's Raining." It's probably their most accessible.

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