Friday, October 31, 2003

Remember that ear-ache I was complaining about? Turns out it was just a big zit! Gross! It popped last night while I was watching "Soul Man" with my friends Adam and Ellen. Right when James Earl Jones was telling C. Thomas Howell that he's not going to let him slide through college just because he's black, I touched the inside of my ear and felt a bunch of liquidy stuff. I looked down at my fingernail and on it was a big, long glob of yellow pus. And blood.

I put some hydrogen peroxide on a q-tip and cleaned out my ear. This took about 8 q-tips. Afterwards, they were all covered in blood and pus and other gunk. It was yucky. Adam and Ellen took gleeful (and digusted) joy in it. I thought about saving the q-tips and doing a puppet show with them, but I figured that was too predictable.

I haven't written my No Shame piece yet. This year, I've usually had it done by Wednesday, but that's not the case this week. It's because I had to scrape my original idea (a valentine's day sketch), but yesterday, I came across something new and I'll try to do that. Actually, it's not totally new. I came up with the basic concept a few weeks ago when I was reading an essay about haunted house films as representative anecdotes. It just wasn't until yesterday that I figured out a way to make the basic concept workable. I'm writing it this evening.

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