Sunday, October 26, 2003

Since schoolwork has decreased within the past week, I've had some time to edit more of "David Mows Yards." So far, I got the first 20 minutes edited.

On Thursday-into-Friday, I edited a "job-hunting" montage. It's mostly there for comic relief. The first 15 minutes contain more observational/behavioral type of jokes whereas the montage has more set-up/punchline obvious type of jokes. So, it comes in at a good time - as far as structure is concerned.

It was the same with "America's Funniest American." In retrospect, I've noticed that all the "big joke" moments came right after the "small boring" moments - as if to snatch back the audience's attention. And I'm sure that's what's going on here.

Now, I'm editing a scene that features my dad. He did a good job. I'd give him a line and he'd re-word it and make it his own. He even improvised a few lines. Originally, he wanted to wear a "Goofy" ballcap he got at Disney World in 1990, but I nixed the idea.

This will cripple the movie.