Saturday, October 11, 2003

Last night, I had a good, old-fashioned double feature. At 4pm, I went to see "Kill Bill" and at 7pm, I saw "Intolerable Cruelty." It's weird. These are a couple of movies that I've been anticipating for a year now and they both open on the same date. And yet, for the entire year, I've been routinely disappointed by the movies.

Why can't those Hollywood show biz fat-cats schedule their movies better? It's probably because they're too busy snorting cocaine through 100-dollar bills. Hollywood show biz fat-cats love to snort cocaine through 100-dollar bills. Their movies tell me this.

Apparently, this is my weekend of "Entertain me NOW!" because tonight I'm going to see awesome, awesome rock band Local H in Cedar Falls. I've never seen them live, but their records are some of the best hard-rock records being made today. If you wanted the Pixies or Nirvana to still be making albums, Local H would be the ones to do it. Of course, they're not as great as the Pixies or Nirvana, but they fill that void.

And their albums are indeed great. They're really conceptual. Songs bleed into one another, riffs pop back up here and there, and similar thematic material is explored throughout. I do love me the concept album. It's probably because of my insatiable hunger for narrative in everything.

Speaking of insatiable hungers...

I'm going to take a shower!

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