Thursday, October 02, 2003

Wednesday was a day where I had to present 4 seperate projects in class:

1) Fake Self-Portrait Video (for Advanced Video)

Originally, this video was going to be about me and my "girlfriend." Throughout the video, it was going to be gradually revealed that I had hired an actress to portray my girlfriend and she would be uncomfortable when I ask her to do "boyfriend and girlfriend" things with me (i.e. sharing pet names, singing our songs, kissing on camera, etc.). Instead, it ended up seeming like this person was actually my girlfriend, but wasn't into the relationship as much as me. I like how it ended up better than the original idea. It seems more honest.

2) "Six Feet Under" Presentation (for Television Criticism)

In this class presentation, I argued that the pilot episode of "Six Feet Under" exemplified the tension between "ironic detachment" and "emotional expression" in the 21st Century (or post "Age of Irony"). I was too dry and boring. At least, that's what the glazed-over eyes of my fellow classmates told me.

3) Discussion with advisor (on Honors Thesis project)

During this discussion, my advisor and I talked about the screenplay I wrote for my Honors Thesis Project. He seemed to be cool with the major ideas and the themes and the whatnot, so I'm okay there, but he had some problems with how I presented it. He suggeted new tactics and I liked what he had to say. There's a "secret" in the piece and the new plan of action is to wait in revealing it until the end. I'll try it in the second draft, which is due in a week or so.

4) "Bubblegum Brigade" play (for Undergraduate Playwrights Workshop)

Arlen Lawson, Michael Tabor, Emily Happe, and I read my play "Bubblegum Brigade" aloud for the others in my workshop class. Afterwards, I received some nice feedback. My instructor told me that she saw the structure shaped like an "N." It goes straight, takes a sharp turn, then goes straight again, and takes another sharp turn. I agreed. She suggested that I make those straight lines a little more curvy - with subplots and more secret motives. She's right. It was too bare bones. It needs higher stakes and more flava'.

On Thursday, after presenting all these projects, I felt a sense of post-mortum (sp?) depression with it all. In general, I've been kinda down since then. You get all worked up for stuff and then it's over and you feel empty. And tired. And bored.


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