Friday, October 17, 2003

My friend Rick is visiting tonight from Notre Dame. He's one of the funniest fellers I know. Just know, I got off the phone with him and I was a-howlin'. Topics ranged from an episode of "Head of the Class" during the "Billy" era, 4th grade student-made rosaries, and a volleyball coach's favorite romance novelist. I'm hoping he writes a piece for No Shame tonight.

Tomorrow, my ma and pa are visiting. This is the first time I've seen them since early August. I go long stretches without seeing my folks. For instance, if they hadn't come this weekend, I wouldn't have seen them until this Christmas. But we're all cool with that.

Of course, seeing them more wouldn't be awful either. I get along with my parents really well. In fact, just yesterday, I was telling somebody how I think I've only had five arguments with my parents in my entire life. And that's not us repressing anger either. We just genuinely get along well.

My mom told me I should have something planned for all of us to do on Saturday night. I'm thinking we'll go to "Mystic River." It's a mystery-suspensey film, which I think is my parents' favorite genre. And I want to see it, so it's good for everybody. My mom mentioned how she really wants to see "Kill Bill." I warned her that it's really violent and she may not like it. But she said, "But I hear it's stylized. I think I'd like that." This makes my mom cool.

I'm not too surprised about her interest though. She really liked "Pulp Fiction." Even more than "Forrest Gump!" In fact, here's a conversation my mom and dad once had:

DAD: So, what did you like more: "Pulp Fiction" or "Forrest Gump?"

MOM: ... Probably "Pulp Fiction."

DAD: More than "Forrest Gump?"

MOM: Yeah.

DAD: But "Forrest Gump?" (in Forest voice) Mama always said... life is like a box of chocolates...

This is how my dad convinces people that "Forrest Gump" is a good movie. He just repeats the catchphrases. For instance, when he wants the family to watch "Forrest Gump," he'll be like:

DAD: Do you guys want to watch "Forrest Gump?"

FAMILY: Geeze, dad, we don't know ---

DAD: (in Forrest voice) Momma always said... life is like a box of chocolates.

FAMILY: Can't we watch something else?

DAD: (in Forrest voice) Stupid is as stupid does.

FAMILY: There has to be another movie we can watch.

DAD: (in Forrest voice) Me and Jenny are like peas and carrots.

FAMILY: Fine, dad. We'll watch "Forrest Gump."

God bless my dad. God bless my mom. God bless you for reading my blog!

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