Friday, June 27, 2003

That scene with me and Alexis on the playground? IT'S GONE! The aforementioned blustery winds ruined all audio. We'd start talking, but all that'd come out was: WHOOOOSH. And trust me. I checked the script. There is no point where our characters say: WHOOOOSH.

So I'm scrapping that version and reshooting the scene at a different location. A location with four walls. This is good in audio terms, but as far as "beautiful shot" status goes... it's lost. Which is a shame. In the original version, there was this expansive, clear-blue Midwestern sky. Wide and gorgeous. Now it's gone. Which is a double shame because the scene was supposed to "open stuff up" and "let the movie breathe." Now it will suffocate under oppressive layers of wood-panelling and thick shag carpeting.

I was going to re-shoot the scene yesterday, but Alexis wanted to swim instead. I couldn't say no. This left me with nothing to do during the whole day. Which is extremely frustrating. I think of how much I have to shoot and how I'm not shooting and how I'm wasting valuable time. Tomorrow, I will shoot three scenes. I will shoot these scenes.

In other news, yesterday, I went to the dentist. I got two cavities. When I say "got," I mean "received." The dentist gave me two cavities at the appointment. These are my first-ever cavities in my adult teeth. Perfection lost.

When I was a kid, after I'd visit the dentist and I'd go home with my teeth smooth and clean, I'd resolve that I would brush my them three times a day. And each session would take 7 minutes.

I will keep my teeth clean.

I will shoot three scenes.

Tonight, I ate a whole Tupperware container of cantaloupe. When I told my mom this, she said I was going to "poop like a goose." When I inquired further, my mom said, "You're going to walk out onto the 9th hole and poop on the green." It's a LeMars golf joke. A good one at that. I laughed heartily.

Afterwards, my parents and I watched "About Schmidt." It was my fourth time.

This movie is perfect.

Like my adult teeth before yesterday.

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