Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Last night, in bed, I discovered a way to re-structure my movie script. I was near completion (about 3/4 done), but I found a way to make the story push forward better. Before, I had the "arc" happen twice in two different areas. Now, I'm going to have them arc together. It's more concise. It makes more sense.

For me, the "plot pushing forward" aspect is one of the most important things to have in a movie (yes, I am your teacher. You are my pupils). People's attention spans seem to wane pretty quickly - especially with amateur videos like mine when there aren't superior production values to keep people hooked. So, if an audience member feels like the story is mowing forward and is heading somewhere, they'll be more apt to stay with it.

You know how a good essay has fluid transitions between each paragraph and even more specifically, fluid transitions between each sentence? Well, that's how I try to write scripts. Each scene flows into the next logically - continually raising a question at the end and answering it in the next. Over and over. I don't know if I necessarily achieve this, but I try. And who knows if it's even a good way? It could be too regimented and formulaic. It probably is.

But so far, I like it, so I'll keep doing it.

Kind of like my massive heroin addiction.

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