Friday, June 20, 2003

I am finished writting the script for "David Mows Yards," the movie I'm shooting when I get back to LeMars. There will, of course, be a couple more revisions, but I got it all down on the page and that's something, I suppose.

I sent the script to my friend DJ who will be my "right hand man" when shooting this. I asked for his comments and he nicely gave them back to me in a timely fashion (many of them helpful). One of his comments noted how one of the scenes is incredibly similar to a part in "Swingers," a film I haven't ever seen. He warned me how people may think I stole the joke. Ugh.

You can't be blamed for things you did not intend. Can you?

My friend Aaron drove up to Berkeley yesterday and he's hanging out with me here until I leave tomorrow. We went to "Capturing the Friedmans" last night. It was a great documentary. There's a lot of stuff about people's need to document things without ever reaching an answer and the level of performance in people's dysfunction. And this neat motif of old 80's technology and its relation to pornography/confession (old Apple computer games, audio tape, dot matrix printers). Really great.

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