Monday, June 30, 2003

Remember how in my last blog I was pondering how to balance "honest" characters and "contrived" plotlines?

Remember how I said it in reference to "David Mows Yards?"

Well, I've done something about it.

I've decided to cut a subplot from the movie. It's sort of difficult (I, of course, think that I'm losing EVERYTHING), but in the end, it'll be a good decision. The subplot's main purpose was to drive home the movie's main point - in a completely ham-fisted and unpoetic fashion.

So it's good that I'm doing this. I know the subplot would be the sort of thing that's so obvious and earnest, that it will haunt me in five years. Just like when I hear lyrics that I wrote as a senior in high school. And that was just three years ago. "Here inside my Catholic school/God is dead and beer is cool." Yes. Acknowledge that.

Now, the subplot will only be a brief 30-45 second glimmer in the spectator's eye. And that glimmer will create one single teardrop. And that teardrop will run down the spectator's cheek and into their butt.


Tonight, DJ, Jake, and I finished the "Alien" anthology. I will list them in order of preference (from VERY BEST to VERY BOOOO!)

1. Alien
2. Alien 3
3. Aliens
4. Alien Resurrection

Why do I feel this way? I will not say. I ain't no Leonard Maltin!

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