Saturday, June 14, 2003

I'm back from Los Angeles. As I've mentioned numerous times, I went to Disneyland with my sister Amy, her boyfriend Scott, and Scott's family. At the gift shop for the "Star Wars" ride, I saw Nikki Six of Motley Crue fame standing by a rack of merchandise. Surprisingly, this wasn't even the highlight of the day.

Yesterday afternoon, I went to Universal Studios with Aaron Galbraith, Dan Brooks, and Mike Brooks. We got to "ride the movies." At one point, a metal robot-skull flew out at me via the "Terminator 2: 3-D" show. Fortunately, it didn't talk. If it had, I would have been cleaning feces (and semen) out of my pants for weeks.

That night, I met up with some more friends, Mike Cassady and Neil Campbell. We went midnight bowling and I proved to everyone that... I suck at bowling. It was a good time though. At one point, I laughed for eight minutes straight at a joke that was meant to be laughed at for eight minutes straight.

Today, I said goodbye to my Amy and Scott. We both flew out of LAX, but Amy and Scott were going to Europe, whereas I flew back to the Bay Area. On the curb of a busy sidewalk, I cried on my sister's shoulder. It was tough. This is the longest-sustained time I've spent with her since I was 11. I'll miss her like she's my sister. Which she is.

This means, I'll be here in Berkeley/Oakland/San Francisco by myself for a week. That's cool. I'll get some writing done and I still got some "peeps" to hang out with. Then, it's back to LeMars.

All in all, the Los Angeles trip was great. For awhile now, I've been planning on moving out to LA after college. Nothing happened to deter me from this plan.

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