Thursday, January 13, 2005


Keep it up, Phillies! Only one inning left!

81. Ryan
In conversation, we shared our mutual fondness for My Bloody Valentine's "Loveless."

82. Sadie Martha
The color pink.

83. Sara
Has sported a wide array of various haircuts.

84. Sarahdribbin
I was an R.A. from the East-side. She? An R.A. from the West. If there ever was a brawl, I knew Sodapop and Two Cents had my back.

85. Scott S.
Introduced me to the wide world of ready-mades.

86. Scott F.
Treats my sister right.

87. Seth N.
Makes synthesizers for a living.

88. Seth B.
Broke the long-fabled "Dry Ice Barrier" at No Shame Theatre.

89. Shannon
Made a funny observation about how her boyfriend's videotapes are always cued to the scenes with bare boobs.

90. Soheil
Director of City High's cherished "Singer/Songwriter."

91. Spencer

92. Steve
During our sophomore year of college, Steve and I were searching for images of Joe Piscopo on the Internet. On a whim, Steve typed in "" and there, before us, was a huge picture of "The Piscopo." Steve then turned to me, smiled, and uttered those now-famous words: "I love the internet."

93. Stuart
Owns a laserdisc copy of Hardbodies.

94. Susan
An RA from the East-side. Now that's more like it!

95. Tessa
As youngsters, I attempted to convince Tessa that I was a "Teen-Wolf" by applying Scotch tape to my face, which I had colored brown. Key word here being "attempted."

96. The Illuminati
Drove me to the airport last Easter.

97. Timm
Had an Indiana Jones party in his basement. Short-Round never showed up.

98. Toni
The only girl I know with that name. Prove me wrong, America!

99. University of Iowa
B.F.F.! T.I.D. (true if destroyed)

100. Whitney
She asked me to hold an umbrella onstage for her. Did I? I guess we'll find out with... Friendster 200!

That's it! You did it, Astros! I'm taking y'all out to Godfather's! My treat!

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