Monday, January 10, 2005


And the beat goes on...

21. Bradley H.
Made me pancakes in his kitchen. And no, mom and dad, it wasn't post-coital!

22. Candida
Her portrait hung on the wall of Public Space One.

23. Cheri
Defied LeMars, Iowa's conventional wisdom and went to school in Boston - whether she joined the Symbionese Liberation Army or not, I can't say.

24. Chris
While watching Blood Feast, I asked him (in all earnestness) if he believed in God.

25. Christopher
Acted in a video project where he wore a "FBI" (FEMALE BODY INSPECTOR) ball-cap.

26. Dan
Eased my worries about the high admission price of Universal Studios.

27. Denise
Genuinely liked her younger siblings.

28. Diana
I saw her outside Hills Bank once.

29. Elise
Collaborated on a group Intermedia project with me. It was about Munchie.

30. Emily Y.
Possesses infinite patience when asked to repeatedly re-shoot a scene in a hot-as-the-blazes/cold-as-the-dickens attic.

31. Emily L.
We split a blueberry bagel at Donutland.

32. Erin
Fellow cohort in "Mission to Wal-Mart for midnight release of Freddy Vs. Jason DVD."

33. Favid
Taught me how to efficiently push a camera dolly.

34. Forrest
Made an egg-parachute at camp.

35. Iowa City

36. Jamal
Jamal took the stage to play a song. An audience member yelled out, "Freebird!" - to which Jamal replied, "You don't really want me to play that song. You're just trying to make a joke" and then sat back down.

37. James E.
Claimed you could smell ozone after you hit your head.

38. James H.
Has lots of nicknames (my favorite is Rocky).

39. Jason
Developed new language in video-editing.

40. Jayne
I once asked her if she read the magazine "Jane" because her name was Jayne. What a stupid question.

Stayed tuned for #41-60.

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