Friday, January 07, 2005


Recently, I added the 100th friend to my Friendster list. Friendster, for those of you not in the know, is a free Internet service that connects you with friends and their friends' friends and their friends' friends' friends. As such, you gradually amass your own personal list of Friendster friends. Some folks you may have known for your whole life or maybe just for a brief period. Whatever the case, they're all Friendsters!

I've decided to list all my Friendster friends in alphabetical order (over 5 blog installments). With each name, I'll provide a brief caption. Don't analyze too much into it. The caption will basically consist of whatever first pops into my head when I think of the person.

One thing I can promise though: This will be very fun for you to read.

Or very dull.

I haven't decided yet.

1. Aaron
I have a photograph of Aaron at Universal Studios, in which he's standing next to a Back to the Future-inspired concession stand entitled... you guessed it: SNACK to the Future.

2. Adam B.
Resembles me. I think. Is it self-involved to think you look like other people?

3. Adam Y.
As a drummer in The Rockadiles, he'd yelp out some word before the chorus of "Breakfast." I don't know what that word was. Someone tell me.

4. Adam P.
Current roommate. Eternal bird-dogger.

5. Alex
Wore a Mel C. (of Spice Girls fame) t-shirt on the first day of Fiction Video class.

6. Alison
Always had an impressive array of DVD's, videos, and art books (consistently checked out from the Iowa City Public Library) at her place.

7. Allison
Took me to the Full House home in San Francisco.

8. Alyssa
Calls me "Pippy."

9. Amanda Bu.
Made improv funny at No Shame Theatre.

10. Amanda Br.
Killed in a school shooting. For a movie, folks! Not for real-life!

11. Amir
Former colleague in the W.R.A. ("World of Resident Assistants"). Fear us!

12. Amy S.
One-half of Los Angeles' premiere performance-art power duo Machu Picchu. Also makes me vitamin shakes when others drink booze.

13. Amy R.
Oldest sister. Youngest sparrow.

14. Andy
We met at a camp in 1995. We met again at college in 2000. What will 2005 bring? I hear wedding bells!

15. Aprille
Stuck up for me when a mean guy made fun of my nose.

16. B-rad
Appeared to have lost weight between freshman and sophomore years of college. Diet hounds from around the globe ask: "What's his secret?!"

17. Ben
Tuba-deep vox.

18. Bill
Did a power-point presentation comparing Mrs. Doubtfire to its original source material, Alias Madame Doubtfire.

19. Bobby
Owns a scrapbook, which archives rock-n-roll shows he's seen.

20. Bradley
Once met Jonathan Pryce.

Tomorrow? #21-40!

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