Wednesday, January 12, 2005


You can't stop it!

61. Merideth
Before I knew Merideth, I wanted to compliment her Ghostbusters t-shirt. I decided against it.

62. Michael T.
Ladies and gentle-whigs, brace yourselves for Michael's Periodic Table of Puns.

63. Michael C.
Made a joke about Wicket (the ewok) asking R2-D2 if he farts.

64. Michael
I went to buy tickets for Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring. I saw him smoking a cigarette outside the theatre.

65. Michele (with one L)
When she drives, we make car sounds with our mouths.

66. Michelle (with two L's)
Frequented "My Business Failed in Three Weeks" shows.

67. Miguel
One time, I saw him instruct somebody on how to properly smoke a cigarette.

68. Miki Ann
One-half of Los Angeles' premiere performance-art power duo Machu Picchu. She once transcribed the rantings of a fellow employee that we both despised.

69. Mlark
Greeted me one morning by yelling, "Arrrrgh!"

70. Nathan
Collectively, we once spent 20 minutes trying to fit ourselves into a garbage can.

71. Neil
"I'm a businessman!" (trips and falls) "I'm a very clumsy businessman!"

72. Nick
We recorded a song called "Ten Year Plan."

73. Nicole
I saw her eating breakfast with a large family at Village Inn. As for myself, I was with my mom and sister.

74. Pat
Overheard a guy at a buffet once say, "It don't matter. It all comes out a turd."

75. Pete
I envy his Epcot t-shirt.

76. Peter G.
I peeked at his audition notes to see what he thought of me.

77. Peter M.
Watched my movie David Mows Yards on a computer as Michele (#65) and I sat in the same room, eating Burger King.

78. Pooja
Gave out her Prince tickets.

79. Rachel
Was my girlfriend. In a play, folks! Not in real-life!

80. Rick
In first grade, he wore a skeleton costume for pajamas.

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