Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Keep readin', partner...

41. JC
I always have the secret desire to pronounce his last name "Luxton" as "Buxton" (i.e. Francis' last name in Pee Wee's Big Adventure)

42. Jeremy
Lip-synced to Bush's seminal "Glycerine" at a party. Not a dry eye in the house.

43. Jesse
Videotaped my play The Garveys with his fancy camera.

44. Jokey McHilarious
Sent Bob Hope and Milton Berle to their graves.

45. KKB
Has long hair. Eat your heart out, Crystal Gale!

46. Kat
We watched Storytelling in her living room.

47. Kate
Reminded me - years later - that I once sang "Satisfaction" on her answering machine.

48. Kathryn
First real-life lady bassist in person!

49. Katie
Appeared on an episode of "Judge Joe Brown."

50. Kelli
Rocks the bassoon.

51. Kevin
Has fuzzy hair. Eat your heart out, Crystal Gale!

52. Kristine
Quiz! In student videos, have I seen her...
A) smoke a cigarette?
B) play an Atari?
C) kick a turtle?
D) all of the above (excpet C)
Flip monitor upside down to see answer.

53. Kristy
Disc 3 of Pee Wee's Playhouse DVD box-set

54. Lily
I always wanted her last name to be Langtree.

55. Louie
Came up with the idea to snap his snare-drum when I sang, "blood-SHOT!"

56. Louis
I heard about "9/11" on my way to his class.

57. Margo
Her mother transcribes phone conversations.

58. Mark
Wanted to make a movie called Hell-evator with the tagline: "Going Down?"

59. Matt
Wiggled his fingers in praise during DJ Ruden's guitar solos

60. Megan
Knows a thing or two about Walt Whitman

And we ain't stopping 'til we reach 100!

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