Wednesday, October 20, 2004

What's funnier? "Little-to-Big" or "Big-to-Little?"

To find out, let's use WWII (LIKE WE ALWAYS DO).

"Little-to-Big" is an ordinary bad cell-phone connection (AKA "Little") between President Truman and General Lena Horne, that creates such a grave misunderstanding, it results in the bombing and destruction of Hiroshima (AKA "Big").

What?! You said "Drop the Batom Rom?!"

"Big-to-Little" is thousands of proud Americans celebrating the NYC Victory Day parade amidst falling ticker-tape and sailors makin' out with dames (AKA "Big"), but two plumbers sit on a fire escape, watching it all and saying to themselves, "Yeah... I mean, I guess" (AKA "Little").

Then they argue over who the dog likes more.

"Little-to-Big" or "Big-to-Little?" Vote on November 2nd!

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