Sunday, October 24, 2004

As anyone who's ever been in a supermarket check-out line can attest, TV Guide (AKA "Television Guide") has their perennial favorite "The Best TV You're Not Watching" issue. You've read it at your grandmother's house. Or your cousin's.

Well, my blog has a similar goal as well. It's called "The Best TV You're Not Watching"... Blog.

It's the Trinity Broadcast Network's Saturday morning line-up.

You seriously need to watch this.

Mind you, you're gonna' have to get up early. Or stay up very late. In Los Angeles, it begins at 3am. In the Central Time Zone, it's 5am (I know because I used to watch it there, too).

And believe me, you're missing so much.

Here are my two favorites:

1. "Circle Square" - a group of 6-8 children (ranging from the ages of 9-14) hang out in a ranch with two adult... puppets. They do sketches, read viewer mail, and sing songs. One cool thing is when songs are sung, their titles and an acompanying number are listed on the bottom of the screen. Apparently, the viewer is supposed to have a song-book to join in. I don't have this song-book.

2. "Joy Junction" - located in the center of an old-west town square, a Sherriff (who my friend pointed out looks more like an elementary school principal than a sherriff) referees various competitions between child contestants (all of them curiously from the 2nd grade). How fast do you think two kids could eat donuts on a string? This show will tell you!

And of course, all of these shows have a heavy Christian foundation. Bible verses and Jesus-talk abound. It's like church, but with games and mid-80's graphics. In other words... great television.

So... I can count on you getting up at 5am and watching this, right?


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