Saturday, October 09, 2004

Did you watch the presidential debates tonight? If not, here's an excerpt from the official transcripts.

(Used by permission from CNN, Cable News Network, 2004)

In "Beauty and The Screech," when Kelly is telling Jessie and Lisa about the guy she likes, she tells them it's Screech and that she was in his room. Lisa says, "Didn't the bats bother you?" and Kelly says, "None of his creatures fly!"
But in Episode 5: "Screech's Woman," Screech meets Bambi and Bambi gives him rules about dating her. Bambi says, "I'm allergic to all sorts of animals and insects." And Screech says, "Thats OK. I'll shave all my birds," so that means some of Screech's creatures do fly.

Screech said he was going to shave his birds and without their feathers, none of his creatures would fly.

But he didn't shave them--as he broke up with "Bambi." Then again, maybe his birds flew away (either set free or accidentally). Maybe one of his other pets ate them. Or maybe they died.

Where do you fall in the heated "Shaved Birds" debate? Whether you're Republican, Democrat, or agnostic, don't let your voice go unheard. Vote.

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