Friday, October 15, 2004

This afternoon, my friend Mike and I hiked in the Hollywood hills (to burn off all those Snackwell's!)

Driven by our unquenchable thirst for adventure (and Snackwell's!), we trekked all the way up to the "HOLLYWOOD" sign. And guess what we saw behind the second "L?"

You guessed it. Harrison Ford and Tea Leoni smokin' a doobie! They were pretty cool. Nice folks in all. But then Mike and I offered them a Snackwell's (we had them in our knapsacks!) and those celeb-u-taunts would have nothing of it.

Harri-sonic, Jr. (our nickname for Harrison "Hari-sonic, Jr." Ford) said, "I will NOT put that poison in my body." And Tea-sonic, Jr. (our nickname for Mrs. Duchovany) added, "Me either."

Tea's "Me either" was the final, destructive blow. Mike and I were crushed. We lowered our heads and walked down the Hollywood hills. Backwards.

But we showed 'em. Guess what two dudes slipped five Snackwell's cookies into Harri-sonic and Tea-sonic's picnic?

That's right...

Phil Donahue and Geena Davis.

Mike and I asked Phil-sonic, Sr. and Geena-sonic, Sr. to pull the prank for us. Those two owed us BIG favors. You see, I was a Production Assistant on "Donahue" from 1986-to-mid-1986 and Mike was married to Geena for three glorious months in 1992.

Although, if you ask me, Mike owes Geena the favor! Y'ouch!

This is Paul Rust, reporting from Hollyweird. And remember: Keep it on the "DL" - The "Dion Landers!"

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