Thursday, October 14, 2004

As a youth, did you ever watch movies in a darkened classroom - while outside, it was a cold and breezey autumnal Friday afternoon?

No? Okay. 'Cuz I think I have.

At the very least, I've been thinking about it a lot.

Why do I keep going back to this? It's not even a specific memory. I don't know where it occurred. It could be junior high or high school or second grade. Maybe even college.

All I know is that it's rich in tone and mood and feeling. The promise of possibilities and the pang of things passed.

Nostalgia, friends!

Nostalgia hurts the most during Autumn. Or Spring. Or Winter. Or whatever season I happen to be in at the time.

Winter is shaggy hair in a cold car. Spring is cutting your hair on a breezey driveway. Summer is shaving your head in a basement. And Autumn is... watching movies in a darkened classroom? Whatever!

Uhhhhh. I'm writing a blog I will later hate. BUT I WILL NOT DELETE IT!

Don't worry though. All is well for your friend Pauly Dangerfield. This is just one of those simple 3-hour funks that people incorrectly archive in their blogs as "PROFOUND REVELATIONS," but then forget about by the next morning. That's when they're soon having "ONE OF THE HAPPIEST TIMES IN THEIR LIVES."

But not me. I live on an even plain.

I am a rock. I am a "Real Gilligan's Island."

Holy shit. The phrase "the pang of things passed" will haunt me for days.

Come back soon. Jokes and witty observations will be dropping by any minute.

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