Thursday, May 06, 2004

Yesterday, on Wednesday, I had my last class ever. Ever. Not just last class in college, but last class in my entire life. This is new to me. I've been in a classroom since 1985 when I first started pre-school. That's 19 years. Now? Nothing.

Sure, I could eventually enter graduate school or just pick up a class here and there, but I have absolutely no plans to do so. So... for now... I will never be a student in a class-room again.


On a COMPLETELY RELATED sidenote: I love the "Herky's on Parade" (75 various "Herky the Hawkeye" statues painted in different styles and scattered throughout Iowa City). They're beautiful. My favorite one is "Marilyn Mon-Herky." It's ol' Herky the Hawkeye dressed like Marilyn Monroe from "The Seven Year Itch." He's wearing an ill-fitting white dress and his beak is smeared with whore-red lipstick. It's awesome. Did I mention his name is "Marilyn Mon-Herky?"

Of course, everybody in Iowa City is bitching about these statues. But you know what? You can spend your whole life hating something or you can embrace it and learn to love it.

Learn to love the Herky's, readers. Learn to love 'em.

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