Wednesday, May 12, 2004

No less than five minutes ago, I handed in my thesis video project to the Honors Building, which means...

I am officially done with school work. For life!

I wanted something to happen when I handed my project over to Mary Uhl, kindly receptionist at the Belin-Blank Honors Center. Something monumental. Something glorious.

Party streamers. Dance music. Mr. College walking out, wearing a satin sash marked "Higher Education."

Instead, Mary just looked at the cover sheet, nodded, and went, "Okay."

And I stood there. And waited. So I asked, "Everything look alright?"


She threw the project onto a stack of a thousand other projects.

And then I lingered. And waited longer. For something.

One last ditch effort:

"Have a nice day," I said.

"Alright," Mary replied in a half-mutter - looking at her computer monitor. She actually seemed annoyed that I had bothered to wish her a nice day.

And I walked away, knowing that I had just completed 19 years of institutionalized education.

College graduation fever! Gotta' catch it!

ADDITIONAL NOTE: I re-read this and realized how down-beat it sounded. I didn't mean it to. Actually.. right now... I'm very happy. And... empowered. Yes. Empowered! Look at this! It's a weblog and I'm talking about my emotions! Yaaaaay!

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