Sunday, May 23, 2004

I just put the finishing touches on my Commencement address for the graduating class of 2004 at Gehlen Catholic.

For those of you who are TOO DAMN STUPID TO KNOW OTHERWISE, I went to Gehlen Catholic for 13 years. 13 sexy years. What?

I have the sinking suspicion that someone - after hearing my commencement address today(either in person or on the local radio station KLEM) - will later "Google" (TM) my name and inevitably find this ol' web-blog of mine. They will then read "13 sexy years," not know it is a joke, and misinterpret it.

Which is unfortunate because... I consider my audience a lot with this blog. Too much, I think. I censor it a lot. Not only in terms that I don't drop ever the "f-bomb" (just in case priests or children are reading), but also, I don't share personal information that may potentially hurt or embarrass others.

But isn't saying swears and hurting others the whole point of blogs?

Gosh, Paul. Get over it. Questioning the relevance and purpose of blogs is so "first 5 entries."

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