Sunday, May 16, 2004

So far...

1) A professor tripped and fell on the red-velvet carpet at Saturday's graduation ceremony. The audience's concerned gasps quickly turned into chiding laughter.

2) I held a week-old baby-girl named Annora - produced in conjuction by John-and-Denise-Muller Enterprises in Altoona, Iowa. Yes, I may have graduated college this weekend, but the ultimate passage into adulthood is owning your own backyard: which one of my best friends, John Henry Muller, has. With a deck. And a fort. Amazing.

3) I re-entered the city limits of LeMars, Iowa - which I will call home for the next three months. Look out, ex-mayor Phil Hahn! Here I come! And I'm bringin' it home from the dome.

Did you eat an entire box of Macaroni-and-Cheese tonight? I am a recent college graduate.

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