Sunday, May 09, 2004

I've wanted to do this for so long...

(Note: The criteria for "favorites" were based on either: A) who I'd most want to hang out with, B) who is the most fascinating, or C) both!)

1. Cliff
2. Norm
3. Rebecca
4. Sam
5. Woody
6. Carla
7. Frasier
8. Lilith
9. Diane
10. Coach

Are you a pathetic know-it-all who craves admiration from others? Or perhaps a self-loathing alcoholic? Then you're on my team! But if you're a snob-lady or an old koot, then take the bench!

Original Six:
1. Jesse
2. Danny
3. Michelle
4. DJ
5. Stephanie
6. Joey

Stephanie would have been higher on my list if she had remained 6 years-old for the entire run of the series. Sassiness at 6 is cute. Sassiness at 14 is naseauting.

Additonal 7:
1. Kimmy
2. Gia
3. Rebecca
4. Steve
5. Nikki
6. Comet
7. Alex

But, Paul, wasn't the character of "Gia" only featured for two seasons? And didn't she have hardly any agency within the series? Yes. This is true. But... if it had been Comet who enduced puberty for me, then he would have been higher on the list, too.

1. Zack
2. Screech
3. Slater
4. Kelly
5. Lisa
6. Jessi

First, you gotta' be cool. Then, you should be smart. Next, you oughta be strong. At all costs, avoid being poor, a minority, or out-spoken. These are the not only my priorities, but the world's.

I challenge you to take this list, order them according to your tastes, and post them on YOUR blog. It'll be the greatest debate that 2004 will see!

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