Sunday, April 04, 2004

Today, I realized that from Friday, April 23rd to Saturday, April 30th, I have 5 upcoming events. They are:

1. Friday, April 23rd - 7:30pm
"David Mows Yards" screening at W10, Pappajohn Building

2. Saturday, April 24th - 2:30pm
"Saturday Night Live 2" Riverfest performance

3. Tuesday, April 27th - 10pm
"My Business Failed in Three Weeks" show with "Of Montreal" at Gabe's Oasis

4. Wednesday, April 28th (through Friday, April 30th) - 8pm
"90 Laps," a short play I wrote and directed in the "11-Minute Play Festival" at Public Space One

5. Friday, April 30th - 11pm
My final, original No Shame Theatre performance

It's gonna' be a crazy week. It's weird to think how all of these are culminations of the different things I've done within the past four years (i.e. videomaking, sketch comedy-writing/performing, musicwriting, playwriting, and No Shame-ing). And they're all ending at once.

If I had a girlfriend, I'd break up with her and if I had a car, I'd crash it into the Iowa River.

Gouche. I get bummed after one single play gets over. I can't imagine how I'll feel when that week is through.


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