Sunday, April 18, 2004

As much as I lecture about the necessity of subtlety in film and protest its overdependence on "big emotions," I still secretly crave to be overwhelmed by cinema.

And although the third act of "Kill Bill - Volume 2" fell short for me (a little too "Jersey Girl - Volume 2"), the movie knocked me on my ass. And I needed that. I was craving it.

The casket scene had tears streaming down my face.

And I suppose that's why I go to the movies. I am so completely unable to feel something purely in my daily life that I go to the movies to experience the entire breadth of human emotion. Yeah, that maybe a little "unhealthy," but... we all got crutches. And mine's a form of art. Not a drug. Or even another person. So, that's not all that bad.

That's why early Spielberg movies are so great. I read somewhere that Spielberg (unbeknownst to him) has got this "Pure Cinema Trilogy." With "Jaws," he gets you to feel pure terror. "Close Encounters," wonder. "ET," love. And "ET," as you probably know, is my favorite movie.

And my second favorite movie? "Magnolia" - another movie filled with "big emotions."

So... I don't know. Maybe it's not "big emotions" that I'm opposed to - maybe I'm just opposed to when they're done poorly. You know, when it becomes over-wrought and crass and sentimental. Which is everywhere.

Over-wrought. Crass. Sentimental. Three things I worry "David Mows Yards" will be.

See you at the screening on Friday.

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