Monday, April 05, 2004

On Wednesday, a new edit of "Wet Cotton" is required for class, so I've momentarily put "David Mows Yards" on the back-burner and started back on my thesis video.

Right now, I'm struggling over music for the opening titles. The workshop class nixed the Pixies soundtrack. They said it didn't fit tonally. I don't know if I agree with that, but in the end, I have taken out the Pixies songs - only because the class made the good point that a song commits you to that whole, entire song and slows down your editing possibilities. You have to let the whole song play out and it consequently slows down the rest of the video.

They were right on that. So the Pixies are out.

Besides... I got my friend Adam to record some new music for it that's lovely. So I'm better off in the end.

Still, for the opening titles, I want music that's fun and big and stupids. I know the class is going to say it doesn't fit tonally and blah, blah, blah, but I got plenty of time for the music to get serious and sad and all that, so why get to it right away, right? It'll be an argument with my teacher and class, I'm sure, but one that I'll have to win.

That's the one downside of these workshop classes. If I had made this video on my own, I wouldn't have to compromise for others' opinions and the video would stand on its own and in the end, my decisions would probably make sense anyway.

It's the ol' case of "too many cooks spoil your appetite."

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